Barbara Angel – Angel of Sex

Angel of Sex

Angel of Sex

Angel of sex, Barbara Angel shows Richy what a girl with big, fat tits and a big, well-fed ass can do to him that a thin girl can’t. She’s so horny that after they suck and fuck their brains out, she lustfully takes a huge facial. In fact, Barbara seems constantly horny. Barbara’s photographer, who discovered her, confirms this although he himself must remain professional at all time. Even when they are on the way to a location, she’s touching her tits or getting off by thigh-squeezing.

Other women tend to pull the boob prejudice card on happy-go-lucky Barbara, guided by envy. They’re just jealous. “Among the most common phrases they direct her way are, ‘Wow! You have very big boobs, you probably cannot sleep on your stomach and they must constantly hurt your back, right?’ Sometimes some of their comments make me quite uncomfortable but that is how people can be.”

“I have a very high sex drive,” says Barbara. “I’m glad I decided to try porn because it really satisfies me. I like to think about the men watching me and enjoying what I do.”

If Barbara is not dating anyone, she takes care of herself and owns toys that she buys online. Maybe by this time, she’s had the nerve to walk into a sex shop by herself and browse.

“I like to lie down naked in bed and play with my nipples until they harden and are beautifully sensitive. That makes me nicely wet down there. Then my fingers rub my clitoris and I slowly enjoy the feelings that make me have an orgasm.”

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