Angel DeLuca – Sex with an angel

Sex with an angel

Sex with an angel

Angel DeLuca, back at SCORELAND2 for the first time in two years but with red hair, not brown, is into guys. She also has a wife. Her wife is also into guys.

Confused? Don’t be. Any time a woman likes cock and pussy, all is good.

Angel and her wife are, indeed, married to each other. Angel is bisexual. Her wife was a lesbian, but thanks to Angel, she now goes both ways.

Okay, now you’re really getting confused, aren’t you?

Said Angel, “We did have this one guy who we did keep around for a while, but it’s normally more of a one-night stand type of thing. We’re not looking to date, we’re not looking to be intimate like that. We’re just looking for fun for the night.”

Sex with a hot, big-titted girl, no strings attached? Sounds good for us.

The first time Angel visited our studio, in 2011, she didn’t fuck. A year later, she called and said, “I’d like to fuck.” On-camera, she meant. Again, when a voluptuous, big-titted natural like Angel says something like that, you jump on the opportunity.

Here, our stud Juan Largo jumps on the opportunity. It’s Angel’s first on-camera fuck.

“Are you up to the challenge of what I am?” Angel asks Largo. “Oh yes, I’m definitely a challenge. A fun one, though.”

No doubt.

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