Samantha Kay – Humpin’ Hangers

Humpin’ Hangers

Humpin' Hangers

Samantha Kay calls the maintenance man at her apartment building because she’s having problems with her pipes. She really wants to get fucked but you know how coy women can be.
Samantha’s got a full, round ass and an enormous pair of milky, creamy hangers.

“Forty-six double-Ds and all real,” she tells Mr. Roper, who is impressed by those numbers and letters. Samantha starts squeezing milk out of her jugs, giving Mr. Roper a taste he hasn’t sampled in many years. A display of Samantha jumping up and down follows with her tits flying in every direction. Samantha squats over his face and he eats her pussy. The noises she makes are not often heard in a video. Her shrieking and squealing is intense, just like Samantha herself.

“I can actually clamp down on a finger or a cock and hold it because I have better-maintained muscles than most people do. I have muscle control from having to expand,” Samantha told us.

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