Lorna Morgan – Lorna Morgan pregnant

Lorna Morgan pregnant

Lorna Morgan pregnant

Welsh beauty Lorna Morgan, one of the greatest naturals ever since the first time she took off her top for all the world to see in 1999, has never stuck a finger or a dildo inside her pussy. She’s never licked another woman’s pussy or had her pussy licked on-camera. She’s definitely never fucked on-camera, and I would be shocked if she ever did.

But she did do one thing most models–even those who fuck on-camera–never do: She posed while pregnant. Here, she’s at 23 weeks and really showing. Her breasts have gotten bigger. Her areolae have darkened. I think she looks sexier than she ever has. Her belly is firm, round and huge.

“When I was pregnant with my first son, I was so worried about what my fans may make of it,” Lorna said. “Up until then, I was just a model and fantasies of a model, a single girl, are not difficult to have. I imagined that becoming a mother might put off a lot of my new fans and maybe some of my loyal fans. I wasn’t certain how I felt about it and I wasn’t convinced that modeling nude when so obviously pregnant would be taken well by my family. It’s a very private thing to do. I had to think of my family and what they might think.

“I guess the second time around–this time–I wasn’t so worried and I had already been given the title of ‘Mummy’ for two years so I felt more confident about it. I was 23 weeks pregnant during these shoots. I mulled it over for a while before deciding to proceed. I knew I wanted some photographs taken. I had some taken…nice artsy shots while I was heavily pregnant with my first son, just for me. I decided that it might be nice to do something like that for my fans, but obviously a little sexier.

“Once I knew I was expecting twins at my 12-week scan, I thought I better get a move on because I am going to get big fast. I am currently wearing a 32K bra. I think my boobs got a little bigger after my first pregnancy, and even though they did go back down, they never went back to the same size. I went from 30GG to an H cup.”

Any big-boob lover has to like that.

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