Vanessa Staylon – Dick-stracted



We get the feeling you’re not as proper as you look, Vanessa.
“You’re right. I dress like a good girl, but I don’t act like one. I do my best to keep my grades up at the university, but it’s hard with so many hot guys around. During the lecture all I can think about is sex.”

So how do you like to act naughty?
“I’m always trying to think of new kinky things to try. For a while it was not wearing knickers under my skirt and flashing professors or cute guys in my class. I rode a professor in his office once during work hours. People knocked on his door, but he was too busy slamming my twat on his cock to answer.”

Do you always dress in a schoolgirl uniform? Do you get off on that?
“Not always, but often. I love the look of knee-high socks with a pleated skirt and white button-down shirt. I guess I like to trick people into thinking that I’m a nice girl, especially guys that I plan to shag. They think I’m a teacher’s pet and a Goody Two-Shoes. But then when we’re alone I let the slut out and they see how cock-hungry I really am. I love the look of surprise on their face.”

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