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Sha Rizel – Top Chef Cleavage

Top Chef Cleavage

Top Chef Cleavage

Sha enjoys staying at home and preparing meals. She loves cooking and watching food and travel shows on TV. The kitchen was a natural place to photograph Sha as she adds her own blend of eastern European heat. Sha spends a lot of time there, but she also enjoys fine dining at gourmet restaurants followed by a night of dancing in one of Moscow’s many trendy clubs. Sha is an amazing dancer and easily learned the most-complicated dance styles, from belly dancing to samba.

You may be wondering what the inscription “Haec Fac Ut Felix Vivis” tattooed on Sha’s left leg means. It’s Latin for “This do, to live happily” or “Do this in order to live happily.” Sha has made SCORE Men happy, that’s for sure.

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