Simone Ray – Mystery SCORE Girl

Mystery SCORE Girl

Mystery SCORE Girl

I have to admit, when Elliot put Simone Ray on the SCORELAND2 calendar, my first reaction was, “Who?” I thought maybe it would turn out to be Simone Staxxx or Simone Lee, but, nope. Simone Ray.

Turns out Simone shot for and SCORELAND but her photo sets were never used in SCORE magazine, which explains why I wasn’t aware of her. But when I did see her, my next reaction was, “Nice tits.” They’re DD-cup floppers. And after that, I thought, “Nice pussy.”

Simone shot for us in 2007. She was a real-estate agent from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’ve always had a thing for busty real-estate agents. They’re always sexy. They always show off their goods to close a deal.

“I looked at, and that’s why I decided to try to become one!” Simone said. “I think it would be fun to swing around a stripper pole a couple of times. I think I’d be good at it!”

Simone is 5’8″, 116 lbs., 38-24-34 and wears a 34DD bra.

“My girlfriends say I’m more into having orgasms than they are,” Simone said. “I know I play with myself more than most of my friends do. I’m always buying a new toy or trying a new brand of lube. I like long, thin toys. Especially when I’m not dating anyone. I usually buy them online because I kinda get nervous walking into an adult store by myself. The last time I did, every man in the place was staring at me. I was the only girl. No one bothered me or talked to me but, boy, did they stare! My friends said I shouldn’t have worn a short skirt and thong underwear, but that’s how I dress. The next time I go, maybe I’ll bring someone with me.”

Any volunteers?

By the way, Simone: They were staring at your tits.

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