Marie Leone – Busting in the new babe

Busting in the new babe

Busting in the new babe

We go right to Marie Leone’s first hardcore fucking scene to introduce her to SCORELAND2. No kissing, no chaste first date. No first base. Right to home plate.

“Someone I met online introduced me to SCORE,” said Marie in her baby-doll voice. So Marie found SCORE. We didn’t find her. I love that because it means the hopeful girl wants to do it and seeks us out. No convincing needed. When I got the first email about her on July 26, 2013 and saw the snaps Marie sent from home, I did the happy dance.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Marie works in an auto shop and has another job. She takes computer classes, likes cooking and now does cam shows. For relaxation, she likes to clean and screw her husband. She got married after her first visit to SCORE but was engaged to him when she first contacted us. Her husband really lucked out with this busty little bambina.

Marie’s sister introduced her to the car world, and she’s been a fan ever since. Marie’s own headlights are 42 inches with 34J-cups. These do not come with your standard models. Yes, they’re natural, all the more remarkable considering her slim torso and legs.

“My boobs began to develop when I turned 14, but before then I was extremely flat-chested and skinny. By the time I got to eighth grade, I was even bigger than the teacher,” said Marie, in a matter-of-fact tone. Let’s hear it for the breast gene.

“No guy ever uses a pick-up line on me,” Marie said. “They just stare at my boobs! I should wear one of those T-shirts that says, ‘My eyes are up here.’ Men follow me in stores. I am still looking for the right size bra, but it is kinda hard when your cup size is J and they only sell up to F in some stores and up to H in others.”

In her second scene shot the day after this one, Marie added anal to the menu. She’s been back twice since her first trip and never ceases to amaze me. Marie just did a bra show for the first episode of SCOREtv’s second season. It’s now showing at SCORELAND.

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