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Chloe Vevrier – Green Couch

Green Couch

Green Couch

This week we go back in time to a quintessentially ultra-sexy Chloe in a pictorial produced in the London studio in December 1996. Her wardrobe, her expressions, her poses–everything is tremendously exciting. Letters to ChloesWorld:

Dear Chloe, It’s not that I want to “nudge,” I just thought that maybe because I’m new with all this “e-mailing” things, I didn’t done it properly in the first time, so here it is again. Hi Chloe, they call me Shon, and I’m from the north of Israel. First, let me apologize for my faulty English. I became familiar with you as a model since the middle of the 90’s. Since then I have become a big fan of yours and I built a collection of most of your videos. Lately I’ve become “a big world man” and conected myself to the Internet. One of the first things that I’ve done is to subscribe to your web site. Now, that I’m a member of it, and I’m learning that I can order through the ‘store’ section in your site, I really want to rebuild my collection, with the “real stuff” this time. Please, I just want to insure that all the video cassettes that I’ll order in PAL system will be rated as they are advertised. For example, if I order the “Chloe’s Ultimate Encore” video, and it is rated as a XXX, then I’ll receive it as such. There is one more thing that I want to tell you, and I’ll do my best not to be rude, and to be genteel enough, because I’m not familiar with this kind of talking. For me, you are the most teasing model, you are always “doing it” to me, and it dosn’t matter how you choose to look in certain times of your modeling sessions. I’m not going to tell you, God forbid, how to “keep” your body. As I see it, it is interfering in your personal life. I will tell you that when you are keeping your self hairy “down there,” it’s doing it for me the most. Usually I do not consider myself as a lover of hairy women, but the combination of you and hair is doing it to me..-Shon.

Hi Chloe, I think you are really an amazing person. I often fantasize about you in my dreams. I guess you do it for me. Nevertheless, I do have one fantasy which I would love to see either in a pictorial or video (preferably video), is of you and a guy (again preferably ME) having sex between your awesome breasts. And of course seeing him explode his load all over them. What do you think? I hope that I have not offended you in anyway. Yours truly, Solman.

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