Sheridan Love – Sheridan’s idea of shy

Sheridan’s idea of shy

Sheridan's idea of shy

“I go to the gym five or six times a week,” said Sheridan Love, SCORE Girl since 2011 and proud owner of one of the curviest bodies you’ll ever see. The girl is all tits, waist and ass, and on top of that, she’s short ‘n’ stacked. So you’d have to imagine that the sight of Sheridan at a public workout facility would cause some tenting.

“I do get hit on a lot and get a lot of looks,” Sheridan said. “I try to keep my headphones on and focus on my workout.”

Good luck to the guys in the gym who are trying to focus on their workouts.

Sheridan loves being a SCORE Girl, loves attention, loves big boobs on other women and loves sex, too. These days, she’s starring in her first boy-girl fuck films and photos at SCORELAND. Yet she says, “I’m kind of shy. I love to show off and everything, but with stripping, I would get shy. I’m scared to do it on-stage. But I like going to strip clubs and getting dances. I had sex once with a girl I brought home from a strip club in Texas. I ate her pussy and she ate mine. I love going down on women. That’s one of my favorite things to do. I love how a woman’s cum tastes.”

I think SCORE Girls have a different definition of shy than the ordinary, average woman. I mean, to some SCORE Girls, shy means showing only your tits and pussy on-camera. For many women, shy means not showing cleavage. As for fucking on-camera, now we’re in a whole different category.

Okay, Sheridan’s shy. Whatever she says.

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