Veronika – Massaging those mams!

Massaging those mams!

Massaging those mams!

Veronika is one of those dirty European girls who does a few scenes, disappears, reappears, shoots a few more scenes, vanishes again and then comes back. But she always vanishes again. Rinse and repeat for over 10 years. Maybe Veronika gets bored with the routines of life and craves the spice. Which is nice.

Veronika changes her hair color and style every time she comes back. Sometimes it’s red and short, other times it’s blonde and long. Her tits have gotten bigger with age.

“I missed porn!” Veronika’s said when this magic act is mentioned. “It’s my favorite thing to get a lot of good sex. There are two things I like best of all, sex and shopping. I can have both in porn.”

In this scene, Veronika’s cooch gets tongue action, and when her pussy is juiced and slippery, her X-Man fills it with cock. Euro-studs lick pussy more than American porn dudes. After fucking her, he jerks out a big load on her face. It looks like Giorgio has been saving his nuts all winter for Veronika. He sticks his dick back in her mouth so she can lick the spunk off while looking at the camera.

There’s been a debate for years on various forums among hardcore porn mavens-the guys who watch tons of the stuff like other people watch football, rugby and baseball-about the differences on-screen between European porn girls and their American and British counterparts. Who’s hotter, more natural, less mechanical, more attractive, better at sex, better built, more docile or more assertive? This debate never ends.

In the SCORE universe, I find that the girls with enhanced breasts are more interested in doing hardcore porn while the naturally breasted girls stick to solo modeling. There are exceptions. Naturals Christy Marks, Cat Bangles, Elle Flynn, Arianna Sinn and others are great at porn and really get into it, but they are rare. Why this difference between naturals and augmented girls exists is another good debate topic, maybe one for the SCORELAND Blog.

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