Lizzy Bell – End of Summer Slit

End of Summer Slit

End of Summer Slit

Lizzy, you little slut! What are you doing taking your clothes off outside?
“I’m enjoying the weather! I live in Florida so it’s pretty much always hot here. If we get a cold front, it lasts for like two weeks in January, and the temperature only gets down to, like, 50 degrees. That’s why people dress so scantily here. It’s too hot to be covered up! It’s the end of the summer now, and I wanted just one more day to relax, get naked, and do nothing outside before I’m busy with lots of schoolwork and studying. Who knows…I might even rub one out if the wind blows the right way on my nipples and clit. It’d be fun if I could have a sexy guy here to have some fun with me, but I like my time alone too.”

Are you afraid of being seen?
“No. I think anyone who gets naked outside wants to be seen. I’m not ashamed of my body, and if someone were to get turned on by spying on me out here that would turn me on too. I go to the nude beach sometimes and I love all the eyes on my body.”

How do you like to play with your pussy?
“I like to start off by gently rubbing the outside of it. Then as I get more and more turned on I’ll start playing with my clit and my inner lips. I’ll keep rubbing my clit in circles and applying more pressure the hornier I get. I don’t stick my fingers in until I’m already wet and close to cumming. Then I stick my fingers all the way in so I can cum.”

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