Calliste Garnet Mature Mixed Solo

Calliste Garnet – Red on top, fire down below

Red on top, fire down below

Red on top, fire down below

Calliste Garnet, a 48-year-old MILF, is painting in her studio when she notices her neighbor standing in the doorway, watching her. Leering at her. Rubbing his cock through his pants as she paints away, wearing short shorts and a cut-off white top. At first, Calliste seems a little creeped out, but she quickly realizes that her very quiet neighbor means no harm. He just wants to watch. Of course, he’s not the least bit interested in Calliste’s artwork, which pisses her off at first. She gets over it, though. In our opinion, Calliste is at her artistic best with a dildo in her hand.

The old saying goes, “If there’s red on top, there’s fire down below.” That definitely applies to Calliste.

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