Christy Marks – Stuffin’ Her Muffin’

Stuffin’ Her Muffin’

Stuffin' Her Muffin'

We’re fans of this set for many reasons, most of which we are going to tell you about right now. We have no idea what the hell this outfit is supposed to be but we do like that the fringe stuff on the bottom looks like a burlesque curtain of days of old. It’s like at any moment, those curtains are going to shift and we are going to get a glimpse at the star of the show; Christy’s pussy. And we are big fans of the gold bra she is wearing because it barely covers her tits. But mostly, we are fans of the huge glass dong that Christy’s using. It’s big, it’s shaped like a cock and she has no problem ramming it in her cunt, repeatedly. Suddenly we want to be a big, glass dong really badly.

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