Krystal Swift – The hair salon hottie

The hair salon hottie

The hair salon hottie

There are a lot of Czech hotties in porn. Fucking on-camera seems to be in the Slavic blood. In most parts of the world, parents dream of their children growing up to be doctors, lawyers, presidents, etc. In the Czech Republic, parents dream of their daughters growing up to be porn stars. I don’t know if that’s really true, but I’m assuming it is, judging by the number of Czech porn stars.

Krystal Swift is one of the best. She’s blonde. She’s beautiful. She looks like the girl-next-door if your next-door neighbor has a voluptuous body with big tits and a nice, soft ass. She told Elliot, “Guys look at my boobs first then they look up at my eyes.” She’s okay with that. She also said she likes when guys cum on her tits.

“Then I can play with the sperm. It’s a good thing.”

Here, the dude squirts his load on her face. Some of his cum almost gets in her eye. Most girls don’t like that. Krystal doesn’t care. The cum drips down to her tits. She plays with it. She rubs it in.

Krystal’s parents must be very proud.

In this scene, Krystal is a hairdresser. That’s one of my favorite fantasies. I’ve had a lot of female hairdressers, and they always rubbed against me. I don’t know if that’s just part of being a hairdresser, that you have to get as close as possible to the client’s hair, but I know for a fact that the old, bald Italian guy who cuts my hair now never rubs against me.

“You have nice tits,” Dennis says as he gets a scalp massage from Krystal.

That’s something I’ve never said to Mario, my barber.

“Oh, maybe you want to see them?” Krystal says.

Thankfully, Mario has never asked me if I wanted to see his tits. I don’t.

Before long, Dennis is sucking on Krystal’s tits and Krystal is sucking on his cock. Then she’s getting her tits and pussy fucked.

Yes, Krystal is a role model for hair stylists around the world. The female ones, that is.

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